Top 10 Sites to Find Free Fonts

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Top 10 Sites to Find Free Fonts

If you're a new designer, chances are you've been searching for where to download fonts for free. Even though paying for fonts can give you more distinct options, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for a font family. Free fonts save you money and also offer you a lot of options to choose from.

What is the best way to group fonts in Photoshop?

The best plugin to GROUP Fonts is Fontshelf

Fontshelf is a new plug-in created specifically to manage and group fonts in Adobe Photoshop. Separate moods, styles, clients, and personal choice fonts any way that you'd like.  


 Below are the top 10 sites to find free fonts for download,

  1. Usemodify

Use & Modify is a personal selection of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, weird typefaces. Open source licences make them free to use and modify. This selection is the result of deep search and crushes. This selection is yours.


2. Google Fonts


Google Fonts is a popular resource for free fonts. With over 800 font families such as sans serif, monospaced fonts and more, it is open source and downloadable. It's widely used by web designers for reliable font hosting.


3. Fontspace



Fontspace has a massive collection of 32,000 free fonts to choose from over 2000+ designers. This renowned free font website has over 700,000 members who enjoy downloading free fonts.



Dafont might be one of the older free font websites on the list but it's great. It's essentially a zip file that contains the font, font variants, and However, most of the fonts on this site is great for personal use.



Freefaces is another reliable source for downloading free fonts. As the name implies, this site is a collection of typefaces available under a variety of free licenses. It's mostly used by web developers and web designers.

6. Fontesk




Fontesk has over 10,000+ downloadable fonts such as Handwritten, Display, Slab Serif, and many others. They're also grouped based on commercial, personal, and OFL use.



Pixel Surplus is a website that includes lots of different freebies such as PowerPoint templates, textures, vector graphics, and more. The site also has a free fonts collection with lots of premium-quality fonts. Most of the fonts available are free to use with commercial projects.


Behance is not exactly a platform for fonts, but designers share lots of free content on Behance, including free fonts.




 1001 Fonts includes more than 9,000 fonts. The site features an often updated collection of high-quality fonts. Many of the fonts are available for commercial use.




Velvetyne is another great place to find free fonts. The site features surplus of amazing free typefaces designed to be used in places like apparel and streetwear. 


There you have it, the 10 best free font websites available. With these sites, you get only high quality fonts for both personal and commercial use. Be sure to check out Fontshelf to help assist in managing, grouping, and organizing your fonts.