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Fontshelf™ is a Photoshop built in font plugin for all creatives. Allowing any user to group collections of fonts and name them for easier organization. A plugin designed to create font playlists, your way.

Other font managers take you out of your program to create collections/folders outside of your workflow. Fontshelf™ allows you to stay in your design program and maintain a positive workflow.

Currently, Fontshelf™ works with Mac & Windows. There are not specific requirements. If you run Photoshop with no trouble, you'll be perfectly fine!

Currently, Fontshelf™ is designed for Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. This plugin is build using manifest version 5, which support PS version onward 23.3.0 & at moment latest new version is 25.6.0

Yes, you can group the same font in different font groups!

You you Fontshelf and pick it up here.

Some people may run into installation issues off the .CCX plugin file and must use ZXP installer from AEscripts.